School of Visual Communication Design (VCD)

VCD emphasizes innovative thinking in concept development, design process, communication strategies and emerging technologies.

VCD 28004. Photographic Perspectives.

Examines the use of the photographic medium in the context of the commercial marketplace. Discusses the advancement of material processes, provides a comprehensive overview of commercial imagery and market development, examines industry trends, and introduces several theoretical criticisms pertaining to constructed photography.

Prerequisite: photo illustration major or minor/photojournalism major or minor. (3 credit hours)

VCD 40052. Graphic Design - Travel and Field Experience.

Develops awareness and understanding in the practical application of graphic design and communication through directed field trip experience. (1-6 credit hours)

VCD 40195: Selected Topics – Traveling Stanzas.

Students most recently worked with the Wick Poetry Center in Italy. (1-4 credit hours)

VCD 40052: Visual Language: A Form For Experience and Expression.

This seven-week course offers a full-scale immersion in typography, hand lettering and illustration. Previous classes have gone to Dublin and London.