Where is the best place to eat breakfast?

  • Eastway Center (and their omelets!) on campus, and Mike’s Place [off campus, at 1700 S. Water St]. (Bruno Beidacki)
  • Eastway Center (for the omelets). (Amrita Datta)
  • I would say oatmeal, milk and fruits at home make the healthiest and easiest breakfast, but if you have to eat out, Einstein Bros at The Hub (Kent Student Center) could work. Starbucks sells nice, healthy sandwiches as well.” (Lusi Cai)
  • Eastway Center has delicious omelets. If you want to try breakfast off campus, I recommend Wild Goats Café [319 W. Main St.]. They have pretty good pancakes! (Aierken “Subi” Subinuer)
  • Prentice Hall. (Kamulijiang “Kam” Bolati)
  • Starbucks. (Natasha Wolwacz Heinz)
  • I cannot help you here. My breakfast is a granola bar from my room eaten on my way to class. (Sophia Avouris)
  • Eastway Center omelets are the best food on campus. There will be a line, especially on weekend mornings, but it is absolutely worth it. (Carrie George)
  • Eastway Center, no question! (Abigail Winternitz)