Where is the best place to study on campus?

  • The basement of the Kent Student Center; most people will say the library, but the basement of the Student Center has a better vibe. (Bruno Beidacki)
  • The Library, Architecture building, by the fields near Taylor Hall. (Amrita Datta)
  • The Library. There are some nice tables at the new Architecture Building as well. (Lusi Cai)
  • The 2nd floor of the Kent Student Center, if you are looking for a chill place to study. It is not like the Library, which is very quiet and you feel like you have to be 100% focused. Instead, you would be able to just go with the flow and relax but study at the same time. (Aierken “Subi” Subinuer)
  • The Library. (Kamulijiang “Kam” Bolati)
  • The Library or the grad student office in Franklin Hall. (Natasha Wolwacz Heinz)
  • The 8th or 9th floor of the Library. Just enough books to create a protective screen blocking other people from seeing you.  Empty enough to do a couple laps around the floor. And it is a quiet area, which people take very seriously. (Sophia Avouris)
  • The 4th floor of the Library is usually my go-to study spot, but when midterms and finals roll around, it gets very crowded. When you’re looking for some peace and quiet, try the 9th or 10th floor. Even when it is crowded, it is completely silent. (Carrie George)
  • The basement or 2nd floor of the Student Center, the CUE or the 4 th or 6 th floor of the library. (Abigail Winternitz)