Where is the best places to buy groceries?

  • Eastway Center (on campus), Acme Fresh Market (off campus, at 1709 State Route 59 in Kent). (Bruno Beidacki)
  • Prentice Hall for immediate groceries; Eastway Center for gourmet food cravings (Amrita Datta)
  • ALDI [120 W. Maple St. in Hartville] is affordable and fresh. Walmart [250 Tallmadge Road in Kent or 2600 State 59 in Ravenna] is good, too. Marc’s (1600 S. Water St. in Kent) works. Giant Eagle [787 E. Main St. in Ravenna] has nice deli choices. Park-to-Shop [1580 E. 30 th St. in Cleveland] is a great place to shop for Asian foods. There’s also a smaller Asian market at University Plaza [Cherry St. in Kent]. (Lusi Cai)
  • Walmart. Since I don’t have the meal plan, I normally go to Walmart to buy my groceries. For students who have the meal plan, you can go to Prentice Market or the Eastway Center Market to buy groceries. (Aierken “Subi” Subinuer)
  • Acme [off campus, at 1709 State Rt 59 in Kent]. (Kamulijiang “Kam” Bolati)
  • Walmart. (Natasha Wolwacz Heinz)
  • Acme is usually pretty good and has most everything you need.  There is a Giant Eagle in Stow, which is on a bus route. (Sophia Avouris)
  • I always bought groceries from the Prentice market [Munchies] because it was closer to my dorm than the Eastway Center Market. However, the Eastway Market usually has a better selection of food. (Carrie George)
  • The markets at Eastway Center and Rosie’s [Tri-Towers]. (Abigail Winternitz)