Senior Guest Program – Policies & Guidelines

  1. The Senior Guest administrator will contact the faculty member and notify you whether your course request has been approved or denied. In all cases, the faculty member’s decision is final.
    Please do not:
    • Email, call, visit or otherwise contact a faculty member, school director, department chair, etc. to request admission to a course.
    • Attend a course if you have not been approved to do so.

  2. Course requests will be submitted as soon as possible. However, we cannot guarantee admission by the start of classes. A variety of unavoidable factors may result in Senior Guests beginning a course as late as a week after the official start date.

  3. Remember that courses are first and foremost intended to serve the needs of the students who are enrolled for credit. Therefore, we ask that Senior Guests not engage in behaviors that are troublesome or inappropriate. This includes dominating class discussions, failing to comply with a faculty member’s request, or being otherwise disruptive. Senior Guests who engage in such behaviors may be asked to leave the class and/or be barred from enrolling in future classes.

  4. Senior Guest students are encouraged to do the assignments and to participate fully in-class discussion and activities, but always at the discretion of the instructor. Taking exams is optional.

  5. Workshops are excluded.

  6. College credit is not awarded.

  7. Senior Guests are responsible for the purchase of textbooks, transportation, parking and any other special fees, as well as the per credit hours distance learning fee assessed for all online classes. 

  8. Kent State’s Advisory Web page at This page lists any closings across the university’s eight-campus system. A red bar will appear on the top of the home page if there is a cancellation or closing. The information is also posted to the university's Facebook page and Twitter.

Questions? Contact your campus Senior Guest administrator.