Banner Form Description/Purpose

FAIINVE Invoice/Credit Memo Query Provides invoice information for a selected invoice. Use the document number (begins with an "I") found on your Banner report. 
FAIVNDH Vendor Detail History Used to identify all payments to a single vendor. Can query using Banner ID or vendor name. Shows payment dates and check numbers. See check number codes below.


Journal Voucher Mass Entry Used to complete a journal entry, IDC or COR. Spreadsheet format with unlimited entries per document. Can view multiple transaction rows on one screen.
FGAJVCQ Journal Voucher Quick Used to prepare a journal entry, IDC or COR. Each entry appears on its own page; scroll through pages to view entry detail. Name of index and account code titles appear next to those fields and can be used to verify that you chose the correct index/account code. Can go to Related and choose FGIJSUM to see records by rows.
FGIBDST Organization Budget Status Provides a summary of all activity for a single index or by Fund/Org/Program. Can drill down into each account code for more detailed information.
FGIENCD Detail Encumbrance Activity Use this form to view purchase order balances and payments paid against the PO.
FGITBSR Trial Balance Summary Used to track balance sheet account balances and to check fund balances.
FGITRND Detail Transaction Activity Provides detailed transaction information. Can drill into individual transactions to obtain additional information. WebXtender allows you to view documents associated with paid invoices - click on Retrieve.
FGRACCI Account Index Report Report will show all active and inactive indexes.
FGRACTH Account Code Hierarchy Provides a listing of all active and inactive account codes
FGROPNE Open Encumbrance Report Lists all open encumbrances/commitments
FGRORGH Organization Hierarchy Report Provides  a list of all orgs in the chart of accounts.
FTIORGH Organization Hierarchy Shows how an individual 6 digit org code rolls up to higher university levels
FTMACCI Account Index Code Maintenance Allows you to view FOAPAL codes associated with indexes.
FTVACCT Account Code Validation Listing of all active and inactive account codes.
  Check Number Codes

Starts with:
7 = Paper check
! = ACH payment processed by AP
C = Credit card payment
U = Single use payment credit card
W = Wire or ACH processed by Treasury