Controller's Office Finance Training Resources

This page is divided into three sections: Commonly Used Banner Finance Forms, Presentations and Other Videos and Misc. Banner Finance Aids.

Items will be added when available.  Feel free to contact Vicki Ladd in the Controller's office if there are items that you would like to see added as a finance resource.

Commonly Used Forms

Banner Finance Forms

Detailed Guide provides step by step instructions, including screen shots, for selected form.
Form Description will give a brief overview of what information the form provides.
Purpose indicates department or process affected.
Quick Guide provides more direct steps without detail.
Videos are recordings from a Banner training session pertaining to the Banner form.

Detailed GuideForm NameForm DescriptionPurposeQuick GuideVideo 
 FAIINVEInvoice/Credit Memo QueryAPFAIINVE Word  
yesFAIVNDHVendor Detail HistoryAPFAIVNDH PDF  
yesFGAJVCMJournal Voucher Mass EntryIDC/CORFGAJVCM PDFyes 
yesFGAJVCQJournal Voucher QuickIDC/CORFGAJVCQ PDyes 
 FGIBDSTOrganization Budget StatusBudgetFGIBDST PDF  
 FGIENCDDetail Encumbrance ActivityBudgetFGIENCD Word  
 FGITBSRTrial Balance Summary FGITBSR PDF  
 FGITRNDDetail Transaction ActivityTransactionsFGITRND PDF  
yesFGRACCIAccount Index ReportIndexFGRACCI PDF  
yesFGRACTHAccount Code ReportAccount CodesFGRACTH word  
 FGROPNEOpen Encumbrance ReportEncumbrancesFGROPNE word  
 FGRORGHOrganization Hierarchy ReportOrg HierarchyFGRORGH PDF  
 FTIORGHOrganization Hierarchy QueryOrg HierarchyFTIORGH PDF  
 FTMACCIAccount Index Code MaintenanceIndexFTMACCI PDF  
 FTVACCTAccount Code ValidationAccount CodesFTVACCT PDF  



Presentations and Other Videos

Finance Cognos ReportsPowerPointVideoRecording Date
Finance Cognos Reports: Monthly Transactions and Labor Distribution Video Feb 2021
Fiscal Year End PlanningPowerpoint  
Fiscal Year End Planning and Cognos ReportingPowerpoint  
Understanding IDC and COR EntriesPowerpointVideoJan 2021
Indexes-Fund/Org/Program and AccountsPowerpoint  
Managing Capital Assets (Equipment Inventory)Powerpoint  
My Finance Self ServicePowerpointVideo 
Processing IDC/COR EntriesPowerpointVideoDec 12, 2023
Pulling Multiple Index Reports at the Same Time Using CognosWord doc April 2021
Tax Treasury ServicesPowerpoint  


Misc. Banner FINANCE Aids