Combined B.S./M.S. Program

A combined B.S./Master's program allows undergraduate computer science students early admission into graduate school. Students in a combined program may begin taking graduate courses before completing their Bachelor's degree. 

To enter this program, a student must:

On these forms, the student must :

  • List the hours completed to date and current undergraduate GPA
  • List the undergraduate courses remaining for the B.S. degree and the projected date each will be taken
  • Indicate the projected date for first graduate enrollment (when the first graduate course will be taken)
  • The completed form should then be given to the CS Graduate Secretary for signature by the CS Graduate Coordinator, Department Chair, and Undergraduate and Graduate Deans.

All students admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences are subject to time limits for completion of their degree. Time limits are described in more detail in the Graduate Schools Catalog, but, in general, a Master's degree must be completed within six years.

Students may request, in writing, an extension of one year over the listed time limits. Such requests should be sent to the CS Graduate Coordinator. Departments must notify the College of Arts and Sciences if such an extension is granted. Requests of more than one year over the time limit must be approved by the College.