Undergraduate Programs

Join us on a path of exploration, innovation, and personal growth as you embrace the world of computer science. Your future in technology begins here.

The Department of Computer Science at Kent State University offers courses and curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Computer Science. The B.S. program meets the needs of both the student wishing to pursue a career immediately upon graduation and those students planning for graduate studies in computer science. The curriculum is aligned with the most recent ACM/IEEE-CS curriculum guidelines and as such offers a good balance of practical skills and underlying knowledge necessary for adapting to the ever and often changing needs of technology.

The B.A. program is intended to allow students flexibility in combining computer science with other interests. Students in this program are free to select their minor from any subject and potentially utilize the Bachelor of Arts degree program for double major. When compared with the B.S. program, the B.A . program reduces the number required of CS credit hours by 13 credit hours, elective CS courses by 3 credit hours, and mathematics by 13 credit hours in order to make these hours available for general liberal education and/or dual major.


For questions about these programs, please see our our Advising page or send email to ugradinfo@cs.kent.edu.

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