CENTER FOR GLOBAL CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE (GLOBAL CIRC) RESEARCH PROJECT: Global-CIRC is a unique collaboration network where highly specialized IT experts and engineers from Higher Educational Institutions (universities and RENs) around the world share advanced engineering know how in a peer-to-peer model to assist technically complex projects.

Kent State University

Kent State UniversityKent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA, is considered as one of the best, among sizable public universities, in being able to exploit Information Technology for its strategic advancement. In 2009, KSU received the Campus Technology Innovators Award, which selects best among the universities, as well as, the CIO 100 award which recognizes 100 innovative organizations, from all forms of institutions around the world, that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in Information Technology.

The Center for Global Cyber Infrastructure Research, an international partnership center, was organized by the KSU Department of Computer Science and the Information Systems Division and joined by HEAnet and OARnet, will coordinate advanced technical collaboration for the establishment of emerging research and education networks including Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) in response to the solicitation by The Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh for the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project. This international project will provide technical exchange between Universities. For more information regarding KSU, visit

Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN)

Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN)Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN), Dhaka, Bangladesh, The University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, is currently implementing the Bangladesh Research and Education Network under Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project with assistance from World Bank. It will be a high performance data communications network providing connectivity among education and research institutions in both public and private sectors.

BdREN with its multi-gigabit capability aims to connect all universities, research institutions, libraries, laboratories, healthcare and agricultural institutions across the country and to support geographically dispersed academics, scientists and researchers with reliable access to high-end computing, simulation tools and datasets. With a view to implementing the BdREN backbone, recently UGC has made an Indefeasible Rights of Use with Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. for its country-wide optical ground wire network. Backbone network of BdREN will be designed based on this optical fiber. BdREN will also be connected with other regional and trans-continental Research and Education Networks (e.g., TEIN4). It will link the faculties and students of Bangladesh to the global academic community and learning resources. It will also facilitate international collaborative research and will catalyze innovation in the country. For more information regarding BdREN, visit

HEAnet, Ireland's National Education & Research Network

HEAnetHEAnet, Ireland's National Education & Research Network, Dublin, Ireland, provides Internet connectivity and related services to third level institutions (including the Universities and Institutes of Technology), Primary and Post-Primary schools, to the Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA) and to a number of other research and educational organizations in Ireland. These institutions are linked in a state-of-the art wide area network spanning the country.

HEAnet played a leading role in the establishment of the Irish Neutral Exchange, a facility which enables all Irish Internet service providers to exchange their Internet traffic in Ireland. HEAnet provides a high-speed national network with direct connectivity for its community to other networks in Ireland, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world. For more information regarding HEAnet, visit

OARnet, Ohio Academic Resources Network

Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet)OARnet, Ohio Academic Resources Network, Columbus, Ohio, USA, is the most sophisticated super scale REN (Research and Education Network) in the USA. OARnet is one of the first state education networks in the country. It was created to provide Ohio researchers with their first "online" access to the high performance computing resources on the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

OARnet is functioning as an independent organization, and the network consists of more than 1,850 miles of fiber-optic backbone. The network blankets the state, providing connectivity to Ohio's colleges and universities, K-12 schools, public broadcasting stations, academic medical centers, and state, federal and partnering research organizations. For more information regarding OARnet, visit