21st Century Computer Science Workplace for Ohio




CS-for-21st-Ohio is a research integrated scholarship program managed by the Department of Computer Science (CS) and supported by the State of Ohio’s “Choose Ohio First Computer Science (COF-CS)” initiative. The goals of the Choose Ohio First- Computer Science Program at Kent State University is to rapidly address the issue of projected workforce shortage specifically targeting the Computer Science professions and act on this information to increase Computer Science baccalaureates in the state.

The Kent COF-Computer Science program aims to prepare scholars by a rich set of future-facing specializations offered by the department. The program team will also conduct pedagogical research to make the scholars successful, the program inclusive, and the curriculum responsive to the 21st century workplace needs. CS-for-21st-Ohio program also provides graduate scholarships for Ohio school teacher-scholars to sharpen their CS teaching skills in order to effectively teach CS Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit + (CCP) courses.

Undergraduate Scholarship:  The scholars in the program will receive competitive scholarships to cover the major costs of their education. The amount will range from $1500 to full tuition. The program is open to ALL Ohio residents. The program also puts an emphasis on encouraging disadvantaged students (underrepresented, economically underprivileged, first-generation or female applicants). The program is open to all new freshman, transfer students from other universities or colleges, or students who are changing their major to CS.

Students enter into the following CS pathways:

  1. Computer Science BS with concentration in Security and Privacy
  2. Computer Science BS with concentration in Data Engineering
  3. Computer Science BS with concentration in Game Programming
  4. Computer Science BS with concentration in Robotics & Embedded System (IoT, Smart Devices)
  5. Computer Science BS in general track.  The general track students must plan a specialization in a computer science high demand sub-area.
  6. Computer Science BA.  This is also known as CS+X program. This is for students whose interest is beyond traditional CS and into fusion careers. The student will pursue BA in CS degree program fusing it with courses from over 100 choices in STEAM (STEM plus Arts) areas available at Kent
  7. Dual major: Students intending to pursue another Major with a CS major.

Define your future with Kent State COF-CS Program.

If one of these does not fit your need, note there are several other COF scholarship programs available for you to consider. 

This program is uniquely designed to prepare its scholars for the the 21st century Computer Science profession. While pursuing one of the best CS degree curriculum of Ohio, scholars will participate in additional special programs. Each of the scholars will receive junior researcher experience by rotating into computer science research labs working alongside active researchers in the field. Students will have co-op/internship opportunities. In each of these experiences, the student will have the opportunity to earn Badges and State Credentials in high-demand computer science skills and proudly showcase your digital edge to your potential employers.

Graduate Scholarship: The 21st Century CS Workplace program will also provide tuition support to computer science teachers in K-12 schools who pursue a Computer Science Endorsement. Any Ohio teacher with a teacher’s educator license can apply. The Ohio school’ teacher-scholars can take this professional advancement opportunity and ready to teach growing CS Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit + (CCP) courses. Apply Here for this Graduate Scholarship.

Kent State Computer Science is the third largest awardee in the state among the 35 other Ohio colleges and universities selected as the new Choose Ohio First CS award recipients through a competitive process. Kent State received the second-highest award to a public university and the third-highest award overall.

Principal Investigator (PI):

Dr. Javed Khan, Professor & Chair

Department of Computer Science

For additional inquiries, please contact:

Jeanne Tan, Project Director

Email: jtan7@kent.edu