Welcome COF-CS Scholars! We are very excited to be part of a great academic beginning for you. At the meeting, you will get to meet your fellow COF-CS scholars, we will also discuss COF-CS expectations, eligibility and renewal criteria, schedule of events for the year, meeting attendance requirements and faculty advisor assignment.  Your faculty advisor will explain research projects and its requirements.




 All COF-CS scholars will participate in high impact activities to enhance your education experience.  You have the exceptional opportunity for an exciting Computer Science research exposition under the supervision of one of our many vibrant research labs.  Your faculty advisor will be your train and mentor as you spend time in their lab.   Each scholar will rotate time at these Computer Science Labs working alongside other researchers in the field.




 It is important for the new generation of CS researchers to study subjects in the real context of the problem.  It requires understanding of current state of physical infrastructure which includes supercomputing centers, advance networks those connect those, the systems and applications those are in place to facilitate access. Field experiences and tours will be arrange exclusively for COF-CS scholars in this program.  It could be a visit to a local Data Center, or to the Ohio Supercomputer, and other advanced cyber installations.  Stay tuned!



 Build connections between what you are learning and the real world. Movers and shakers are an important part of your educational journey, they can offer a different perspective and knowledge.  There will be scheduled sessions with guest lectures who are experts and well-known in their field.  This is also a great network opportunity for students.




 An exclusive part of the COF-CS program is the integrated CS Co-op Internship with KSU’s very own Department of Information Services (IS). Each of you will train in a state-of-the-art 21st century workplace.  Your IS mentor will co-ordinate with your CS faculty advisor to ensure the eloquent integration or your academic learning. This experience will be electronically documented in your LinkedIn profile to carry the digital evidence earned.   




 Spring Semester. A poster presentation is the visual presentation of research information in the form of a paper poster.  A poster conference is an event at which many such posters are presented.  Each COF-CS scholar will work on a research project and present a visual version of your research, with a 3-5 minute spiel at this annual event. The topic of your research should be something of special interest to you, your faculty advisor will be supporting you in this project.