COF-CS Workshop October 16

Lack of Women in Tech Industry

There seems  to be a lack of Women in Tech in the United States and European Countries with respect to overall population ratios.  Roughly 17 percent of workers in Tech in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the United States are women.  In India, China and Korea the per centage of women in tech reflects the per centage of women in the overall population.  And because of the lack of representation in Tech Jobs there is a consistency in low representation in other aspects, women owners and upper management positions in tech companies, innovations in tech have fewer than 1.5% of women on a patent. 

Panel Speakers

Chris Kiec, President (Adventures in Automation LLC)

I won a small tech consulting firm focused on small business and not for profit solutions.  I have been working in the industry since the early 1990s.  As a female network enginerer, I find myself the only woman in the room discussing tech issues and solutions. 

Chris Conry, Lead Software Developer (RoviSys)

RoviSys is one of the nation's largest indepdendent system integrators, building automation and operation solutons for manufacturing all around the world.  I have been professionally developing software for 8 years, and passionate about tech since I was a teenager.

Sharee Dorsey, Senior Cybersecurity Specialist (Cleveland Clinic)

Her background spans the fields of legal, design, and philanthropy. She is passionate about data privacy, cybersecurity legal and regulatory issues, healthcare, and education. Sharee uses an evidence-based approach to tackle risk management, compliance, and privacy concerns in the workplace. Her expertise includes developing and evaluating comprehensive information security strategies and policies, cybersecurity program design and development, business continuity and disaster recovery planning and research. Sharee practices mindfulness and Kaizen methodologies. You can find her kayaking or eating gourmet donuts during her free time. 

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