Dr. David Hudak - OSC

August 5, Wednesday, 2:30 - 5:30pm (MSB 228)
Dr. David Hudak 

Dr. David Hudak, Director at OHIO SUPERCOMPUTER CENTER (OSC)

OSC is Ohio’s high-performance computing central which serves all the Ohio universities as well as Ohio’s state government and its diverse industrial community.  Dr. Hudak, a prominent scientist in supercomputing, will present his talk, Supercomputing On Demand, which refers to the project which will enable even an app to harness the supercomputers!  This unique program is supported by the State of Ohio and the National Science Foundation and is expected to change the accessibility to supercomputing.  AWESIM: HPC-Based Modeling and Simulation Technology is a new era in HPC, which will allow even small businesses in Ohio to use sophisticated computing resources.  Dr. Hudak earned his graduate degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan.