Dr. Gregory DeLozier - Progressive Insurance

 July 8, Wednesday 2:30 - 3:30pm (MSB 228)
Dr. Gregory DeLozier

Dr. Gregory DeLozier, Research Computer Scientist from PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE CORPORATION

Progressive Corporation is one of the largest auto insurance groups in the country.  Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Progressive deals with all spheres of data and is an intense user of enormous amounts of information. The challenge of managing data has become a focus for them and in 2001 the company built their Ohio corporate center to Tier IV standards, making it one of the first in the state. Dr. DeLozier’s presentation, Challenges of Big Data in a Critical Enterprise Scale and the New Technology will delve into the reshaping of massive enterprise applications. CIBD Camp students will have the opportunity to visit the Progressive Data Center and Research Facility on Thursday, July 9.  Dr. DeLozier completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Kent State University.