Dr. Richard Hughes-Jones - GEANT

 Talk Date: TBD
Dr. Richard Hughes-Jones 

Dr. Richard Hughes-Jones, Senior Network Advisor, GÉANT

GÉANT is the ultrahigh bandwidth, high-performing communications infrastructure serving all of Europe’s research and education community.  It is in the midst of several major cyber instrumentation projects for big sciences.  Dr. Hughes-Jones will present Networking the Square Kilometre Array, the building of cyber-connected Square Kilometre Array Observatories (one in South Africa and another in Western Australia) and the three telescopes designed to receive signals from different frequency ranges of the radio spectrum.  He will touch on the science that will be investigated, from Probing the Cosmic Dawn, to tests of General Relativity to the Cradle of Life.  The talk will also cover the network and computer architecture issues and how worldwide academic networks are planning to move the astronomical data products to the user community distributed around the world.  Dr. Hughes-Jones holds a Ph.D. in Particle Physics from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.