Current Faculty Fellows


2020-2021 Faculty Fellows

Photo of Rachael BlasimanRachael Blasiman

Department of Psychology, Salem Campus

Faculty who help their students make connections between ideas, between content and life experience, and between knowledge and application tend to be better teachers. But how can all faculty use this knowledge to enhance overall teaching and student learning? Little research has been conducted on this topic, and even less research has addressed the use of interdisciplinary connections to help students maximize their learning.


The goal of my Faculty Fellows project is: 


  • To describe best practices in helping students make connections between course content and their own experiences
  • To provide resources for faculty to use the power of connections to enhance their own teaching
  • Conduct research on interdisciplinary use of connections to enhance learning and improve retention. The connections we make are especially relevant in this time of remote teaching, which can often feel impersonal. Forming strong connections between course content and students' experiences is the foundation of all we seek to do as educators, and improving connections will have a measurable impact on learning and retention.

Molly WangZhiqiang Wang

Chemistry & Biochemistry, Kent State Geauga 

DFW rates in gateway STEM courses are normally higher than other disciplines in many universities. How to enhance students’ learning engagement and improve students’ success in STEM courses are important tasks for current education system. Many effective practices and innovative strategies have been identified lately. However, there are barriers which obstruct the implementation of these methods - for instance, the lack of faculty trust and knowledge on these strategies and the faculty’s unwillingness due to their already busy schedule. I would like to concentrate on how to effectively develop personalized learning-style instruction and promote it through offering workshops for STEM faculty and assistance for the implementation of these strategies.

Two main areas that will be focused on are: 

  • Online homework systems with adaptive learning capabilities.
  • Undergraduate Learning Assistant Program.