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The center is designed to provide leadership and support for cultivating environments and relationships for innovative and successful learning, for building networks and communities of practice learning, and for communicating and creating opportunities for professional and staff development. 

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Michelle Corvette, PhD² as the new Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning where she is honored to support the efforts of Kent State’s faculty. Prior to joining us, Dr. Corvette actively served in professional development as an assistant director at a large public research university as well as being a tenured faculty member in higher education for over twenty years. She is a proud alumnus of the University of London, Goldsmiths where she completed her second Ph.D. in theoretical Visual Arts Research. Her first empirical Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Educational Psychology focused on creativity research. Her academic interests are at the intersection of inclusive teaching, early career faculty development, creativity in the classroom, and advocating for student-centered instruction.

Michelle Corvette, Ph.D.



Room Number

Dr. Jennifer Marcinkiewicz, PhD



220D Cartwright Hall

Dr. Michelle Corvette, PhD, PhD

Assistant Director mcorvett@kent.edu

220A Cartwright Hall

LeighAnn Tomaswick, MA & MS

Innovation Learning Design Specialist ltomaswi@kent.edu

220B Cartwright Hall

Judy Lightner-Noll

Faculty Development Specialist


220C Cartwright Hall 

Nancy Daczko-Krestan

Special Assistant


220C Cartwright Hall