Faculty Affiliate Program

The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a new opportunity for full-time faculty, the Faculty Affiliate program.  The goals of this program are to: build capacity in our teaching and learning mission; bring new perspectives to the work of the Center; and create greater outreach to academic units.  The Faculty Affiliates Program is designed to give individual faculty members the opportunity to immerse themselves in the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning.  Affiliates will work closely with Center staff on our programs, workshops, initiatives related to teaching and learning, and other aspects of faculty professional development.  Faculty Affiliates will be expected to devote 8-10 hours per week during the academic year to their work with the CTL.  Faculty affiliates will be eligible for 6 hours of workload equivalency for their work with us.

Applications for the 2023-2024 Faculty Affiliate Program will open in early Spring 2023 to all full-time faculty members of any rank.

Applicants must have their unit administrator (department chair, school director, college dean or regional campus dean) notify us that they will support the workload reallocation and are also supportive of the faculty member serving in this role.  This may be sent as a letter or an email to ctl@kent.edu.  The faculty member’s unit will receive funds to cover costs associated with workload reallocation (3 hours per semester; $12,000 for the academic year).

For more information or to discuss your application, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at ctl@kent.edu or 330-672-2992.