Early Career Teaching Program

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The Early Career Teaching Program (ECTP) is a year-long program for new full-time faculty and post-doctoral fellows.  It provides an opportunity to develop and refine teaching skills required for success as a faculty member, build community networks, receive support for developing a teaching philosophy/teaching narrative and obtain feedback on their teaching.  In addition to a greater understanding of what it takes to be an effective instructor, participants receive a book of their choice related to teaching and learning and a certificate upon completion of all activities, reflections and participation in the regular meetings. 

Eligibilty, dates and future formatting to be determined.  

The ECTP Program is on pause for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

2022-2023 ECTP Cohort Members:

  • Sami Agus
  • Sarah Andreas
  • Michael Dzordzormenyoh
  • Ambre Emory-Maier
  • Rebecca Frazier
  • Elaine Hsiao
  • Caitlin Kane
  • Rob Kollin
  • LaToya Littles
  • Adam Lockwood
  • Dana Miller-Cotto
  • Syed Shihab
  • Bethany Stahler
  • Francisco Torres
  • R.Z. Zhang


2021-2022 ECTP Cohort Members:

  • Sorina Ailiesei:  English
  • Ryan Ballestero:  Accounting
  • Christie Bartholomew:  Psychology
  • Carrie Buo:  Biological Sciences
  • William Davis:  Biological Sciences
  • Adrienne Erby:  Lifespan Devel. & Ed. Sciences
  • Ian Farnkopf:  Preclinical Sciences
  • Stephanie Fussell:  Graduate Studies
  • Diana Goncalves Schmidt:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Tianyuan Guan:  Public Health
  • Emily Hoopes-Boyd:  Math
  • TC Mavis Jennings:  Theatre
  • Sudarshan Kundu:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Jeffery Mighion:  Chemistry
  • Stacy Miner:  Nursing
  • Aleisha Moore:  Biological Sciences
  • Elias Nader:  Sociology
  • Diana Catalina Palacios Bustos:  Biological Sciences
  • Catrina Palmer Johnson:  Management & Info. Systems
  • Sanjoy Paul:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Marianne Prévôt:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Mohammad Rahman:  Chemistry & Biochem.
  • Angela Schmeidel Randall:  iSchool
  • Adam Stephens:  Emerging Media & Technology