Early Career Teaching Program

blue books with gold CTL and ECTP lettersThe Early Career Teaching Program (ECTP) is a year-long program for new full-time faculty and post-doctoral fellows.  It provides an opportunity to develop and refine teaching skills required for success as a faculty member, build community networks, receive support for developing a teaching philosophy/teaching narrative and obtain feedback on their teaching.  In addition to a greater understanding of what it takes to be an effective instructor, participants receive a book of their choice related to teaching and learning and a certificate upon completion of all activities, reflections and participation in the regular meetings. 

The 2022-23 CTL ECTP modules will take place in-person during the fall semester in the Center for the Visual Arts (CVA), Room 251 on Fridays from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. 


Module 1: Introductions, Program Overview, and the Syllabus 

Friday, Sept. 2nd, 9-11am 

This module will provide an overview of the program, introduce teaching and learning pedagogies, and begin the construction of student-centered syllabi. Each participant will schedule a one-on-one consultation with a CTL staff member to be completed before the end of term. 

Module 2: Inclusive Teaching 

Friday, Sept. 9th, 9-11am 

In this session, we will consider strategies for inclusion, diversity, and equity in classroom climate, course content, pedagogy, and assessments. 

Module 3: Navigating Challenging Moments in the Classroom 

Friday, Sept. 16th, 9-11am 

What are some of the most challenging moments in the classroom?  What are the steps you can take to lead to a peaceful, meaningful, and teachable resolution? Various methods to help in everyday situations will be covered.  

Module 4: Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies 

Friday, Sept. 23rd, 9-11am 

Effective and active learning strategies, metacognition to improve critical thinking, facilitating motivation, group work, and collaborative learning will be discussed with examples of each.    

Module 5: Assessing Student Learning 

Friday, Sept. 30th, 9-11am 

Effective practices for feedback, and creative formative assessment techniques (e.g., concept maps, ticket-out-the-door, muddiest point, think-pair-share, exam wrappers) will be demonstrated as well as approaches to summative assessments. 

Module 6: Course Design 

Friday, Oct. 28th, 9-11am 

This module will cover the process and methodology of creating quality learning environments and experiences for students to be successful.  Backward design, the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, and flipped classrooms will be discussed.  

Module 7: Teaching Philosophy/Narrative 

Friday, Nov. 4th, 9-11am 

Various approaches to teaching philosophies/narratives and how to begin writing strong teaching philosophies and/or teaching narratives to help document your teaching for evaluation purposes.  

Module 8: Teaching Observations and Demos 

Friday, Dec. 2nd, 9-11am 

New faculty will participate in teaching observations with a member from the Center for Teaching and Learning. These will be scheduled with each participant during the fall or spring semesters. Post-docs will complete a mini-module focused on a discipline-based demo/lecture to be delivered on this day to everyone in the program for feedback. 

2022-2023 ECTP Cohort Members:

  • Sami Agus
  • Sarah Andreas
  • Michael Dzordzormenyoh
  • Ambre Emory-Maier
  • Rebecca Frazier
  • Elaine Hsiao
  • Caitlin Kane
  • Rob Kollin
  • LaToya Littles
  • Adam Lockwood
  • Dana Miller-Cotto
  • Syed Shihab
  • Bethany Stahler
  • Francisco Torres
  • R.Z. Zhang

It is with great pleasure we recognize the 2021-2022 ECTP Cohort:

  • Sorina Ailiesei:  English
  • Ryan Ballestero:  Accounting
  • Christie Bartholomew:  Psychology
  • Carrie Buo:  Biological Sciences
  • William Davis:  Biological Sciences
  • Adrienne Erby:  Lifespan Devel. & Ed. Sciences
  • Ian Farnkopf:  Preclinical Sciences
  • Stephanie Fussell:  Graduate Studies
  • Diana Goncalves Schmidt:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Tianyuan Guan:  Public Health
  • Emily Hoopes-Boyd:  Math
  • TC Mavis Jennings:  Theatre
  • Sudarshan Kundu:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Jeffery Mighion:  Chemistry
  • Stacy Miner:  Nursing
  • Aleisha Moore:  Biological Sciences
  • Elias Nader:  Sociology
  • Diana Catalina Palacios Bustos:  Biological Sciences
  • Catrina Palmer Johnson:  Management & Info. Systems
  • Sanjoy Paul:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Marianne Prévôt:  Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute
  • Mohammad Rahman:  Chemistry & Biochem.
  • Angela Schmeidel Randall:  iSchool
  • Adam Stephens:  Emerging Media & Technology