Taking Learning to the Next Level with Metacognition

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Thursday, 22 September, 2022 - 12:00 pm to Thursday, 22 September, 2022 - 1:30 pm

Kent Student Center

Click on the title of this Working Lunch to access the materials and resources shared.  The objectives of the working lunch were for instructors to be able to define and describe key elements of metacognition, identify strategies for helping students' development (planning, monitoring and evaluating), and adapt instructional materials for their own class ocntext to engage students in metacognitive development.  

Metacognition white-boarding

Have you ever wanted to help your students become more effective/skillful learners?  Whether it is a minute question or a more in-depth exercise, metacognitive strategies can help transform student learning.  These strategies can help students go from “but I studied for so long” to passing an exam, while improving their reasoning skills and becoming more confident in their ability to solve problems.  This interactive workshop will go beyond the basics of “what is” metacognition and will provide you with concrete strategies you can embed in your courses.


To view the resources shared during the workshop, make sure you are using your KSU email address when accessing the google drive folder.  

The google drive folder has the following resources:  

  • Slides from the workshop (with links to academic success center, learning modules, teaching tools)
  • Pictures of the post-it notes about learning working tables made
  • Workshop handout
  • GAMES and MAI (surveys)
  • Saundra McGuires study cycle
  • Dunlosky article on effective learning techniques
  • Tanner article on student metacognition



Lunch is provided for those who register.  Click here to register