Past Featured Educators of the Month

Past Featured Faculty

Tony Dallacheisa: Lecturer, Department of English | Tuscarawas Campus

Tuyet Pham: Senior Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences | Kent Campus

Felix Kumah-Abiwu: Associate Professor, Africana Studies | Kent Campus

Danielle French: Ph.D. Candidate, English & Honors College | Kent Campus

Ann Martinez: Associate Professor, Department of English | Stark Campus

Danielle Gruhler: Professor, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies | Kent Campus

Ana Wetzl: Assistant Professor, English | Trumbull Campus

Patrick Dillon: Associate Professor, Communication Studies | Stark Campus

Ambre Emory-Maier: Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance | Kent Campus

Hayley Arnold: Associate Professor, Health Sciences | Kent Campus

LaToya Littles: Lecturer, Information Technology/Cybersecurity | Salem Campus

Jeremy Foust: Graduate Student, Psychology | Kent Campus

Scott Tobias: Assistant Professor, Lifespan Dev & Educational Sciences | Stark Campus

Rebecca Frazier: Lecturer, Nursing | Twinsburg, Geauga, Kent Campuses

Ikram Toumi: Assistant Professor, School of Communication Studies | Kent Campus

John Dunlosky: Professor, Psychological Sciences, Director of SOLE Center | Kent Campus

Jessica Leveto: Associate Professor, Sociology & Criminology, College of Arts & Sciences | Ashtabula Campus

Syed A. M. Shihab: Assitant Professor, College of Aeronautics and Engineering | Kent Campus

Elizabeth "Liz" Wagoner: Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences | Kent Campus

Jennifer Mapes:  Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences | Kent Campus

Vicumpriya "Vic" Perera:  Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences | Trumbull Campus

Sarah Andreas: Assistant Professor, Business Management Technology | Tuscarawas Campus

Gina Zavota: Professor, Philosophy | Kent Campus

Kathleen Dwinnells: Associate Professor, College of Nursing | Trumbull Campus

Adam Lockwood:  Assistant Professor, Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences | Kent Campus

Ryan Ballestero: Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting | Kent Campus

Jasmine Hines:  Assistant Professor, Music Education | Kent Campus

Adrienne Erby:   Assistant Professor, School of Lifespan, Development and Educational Sciences | Kent Campus

Eric Taylor:  Associate Professor, Earth Sciences | Stark Campus

Sorina Ailiesei:  Assistant Professor, English | Geauga Campus

David Hacker: Professor,  Geology | Trumbull Campus

Jamie McCartney: Associate Professor, Lifespan Development and Education Sciences | Kent Campus

Donald Gerbig:  Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Tuscarawas Campus

Catrina Palmer Johnson: Assistant Professor,  Department of Management | Kent Campus

Joshua Stacher: Associate Professor, International Relations | Kent Campus

Serena Loftus:  Assistant Professor, Accounting | Kent Campus

Shelley Marshall: Associate Lecturer,  Information Technology | Ashtabula Campus

Jeremy Williams: Assistant Professor, Department of Geology | Kent Campus

Vaneet Kaur:  Assistant Professor, Department of Management | Stark Campus

Linda Piccirillo-Smith: Senior Lecturer,  Africana Studies | Kent Campus

John-Michael Warner: Assistant Professor, Art History | Kent Campus

Christie Bartholomew:  Assistant Professor, Psychology | Trumbull Campus

Loubna Bilali: Assistant Professor,  Modern and Classical Language Studies | Kent Campus

James Seelye: Associate Professor, Department of History | Stark Campus

Daniel Dankovich:  Lecturer, Biological Sciences | East Liverpool Campus

Uma Krishnan:  Professor, Department of English | Kent Campus

R.Z. Zhang: Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting | Kent Campus

Amy Damrow:  Assistant Professor, Foundations, Leadership and Administration | Stark Campus

Rekha Sharma:  Associate Professor, Communication Studies | Kent Campus

Greg Tinkler: Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Jean Engohang-Ndong:  Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Tuscarawas Campus

Ruth Leslie:  Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry | Kent Campus

Karen Mascolo: Associate Professor, College of Nursing | Kent Campus

Marie Gasper-Hulvat:  Associate Professor, Art | Stark Campus

Chi-hua Chiu-Groff:  Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Helen Piontkivska: Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Tina Bhargava:  Associate Professor, College of Public Health | Kent Campus

Sharon Sciartelli:  Professor, Psychology | Kent Campus

Robin Joynes: Professor, Psychology | Kent Campus

Andrew Barnes:  Associate Professor, Department of Political Science | Kent Campus

Jennifer Black: Assistant Professor of Dance | Kent Campus

Tamara Honesty: Assistant Professor of Scenic Design | Kent Campus

Joe Ortiz : Professor, Department of Geology  Kent Campus

Jakyung C.  Seo: Associate Professor of Lighting Design | Kent Campus

Stephanie Smith: Associate Professor,  Media and Journalism, Communication Studies  | Kent Campus

Richard Ferdig Professor, Research Center for Educational Technology, Education, Health and Human Services | Kent Campus

Enrico Gandolfi: Associate Professor,  Research Center for Educational Technology, Education, Health and Human Services | Kent Campus

Rachael Blasiman: Associate Professor,  Department of Psychology | Salem Campus

Jeff Huston: Professor, Health Sciences  | Kent Campus

Jill Kawalec: Professor and Division Head, Preclinical Sciences and Director of Research, Education, College of Podiatric Medicine | Kent Campus

Wendy Tietz: Professor, Accounting | Kent Campus

Zhiqiang (Molly) Wang: Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry  | Geauga Campus

Nicole Willey: Professor, English | Tuscarawas Campus