DI Hub Expectations

The DI HUB operates as an open-access collaborative maker and innovation environment at the center of the Kent State University campus. The HUB’s ultimate goal is to activate a community of inquisitive collaborators and to facilitate cross-disciplinary communication and problem-solving. In pursuit of this goal, the DI HUB encourages all visitors to contribute to our philosophy of “Shared by all. Owned by all.”

In accordance with this philosophy, all DI HUB Collaborators and visitors are expected to share the responsibility of maintaining a safe, clean, and functional environment conducive to collaboration and innovation. The following DI HUB Expectations apply to all Collaborators and visitors and are intended to ensure the Design Innovation Initiative can continue to provide such an environment.

In addition, all Collaborators and visitors are asked to avoid conduct that would be harmful to the DI HUB, violate the Kent State Policy Register, or represent illegal activities as specified in local, state, and federal laws. DI personnel reserve the right to remove visitors who violate this policy, including non-compliance with any DI staff member’s requests. Consequences may include temporary or permanent removal from DI facilities and/or criminal charges.