DI + SPCS Faculty Fellow

Co-sponsored by DI and the School of Peace and Conflict Studies (SPCS), this faculty fellow slot devotes co-teaching, research, and scholarly focus to collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects relevant to the field of peace and conflict studies.

The faculty member selected will collaborate with either a member of the SPCS faculty or a faculty member from another related academic unit/program to facilitate their project/concept. Selected faculty will be supported to dedicate 3 workload hours to this fellowship for both the Fall ’24 and Spring ’25 semesters (6 hours in total for AY 2024-25).  The faculty member’s unit will receive funds to cover costs associated with workload reallocation. 

Possiple Proposal Topics:

  • Causes, dynamics, prevention, resolution and/or transformation of conflicts.
  • Psychological, inter-personal, workplace, community, national, and/or international dimensions of peace and conflict.
  • Problem of direct violence (e.g., physical violence, armed violence), or the various forms of structural violence that prevent humans reaching their full potential and/or the varied forms of violence perpetrated on non-human life.
  • Strategies designed to promote either negative peace (the absence of war), or positive peace (systems and social structures that enable people and communities to reach their full human potential; and that support and nurture local, national, and planetary ecologies).

Outcome activities may include disseminating the results of your work via the SPCS colloquia series and/or other forms of feedback to Kent State faculty, students, alumni etc. In this way, we can cultivate a vastly increased local to national awareness for both DI and SPCS at Kent State University.

There is one slot available for the 2024/25 cohort.