DI Faculty Fellows Program

Starting in the 2022-2023 Academic Year, Design Innovation will begin hosting two to three Design Innovation (DI) Faculty Fellows annually. This fellowship, based in the DI HUB, creates space and time for existing faculty members from ANY field to devote some of their teaching, research and scholarly focus to collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects and DI co-teaching experiences. In this way, we can cultivate a vastly increased local to national awareness of Design Innovation at Kent State that will help to facilitate a cultural change towards a university-wide innovation mindset.

DI Faculty Fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • provide lectures/workshops in support of intersectional innovation strategies
  • incorporate design thinking and methodologies to cultivate inclusive team communication, visualization, thinking and doing
  • participate in leadership and decision-making activities in support of the initiative
  • provide insight on grant research and writing
  • engage with external/community partners
  • advise DI collaborators on project support, makerspace use and innovations
  • provide mentorship in idea generation and implementation

DI will support our faculty fellows to disseminate their work in peer-reviewed venues as a means to add critical contributions to the field and advance human-centered-design approaches and/or technology-led collaborative innovation strategies in partnership with any discipline well beyond the boundaries of Kent State. 

If selected, DI Faculty Fellows will receive a 3-6 workload hour equivalency in both Fall and Spring semesters to work in the DI HUB and with the larger initiative. The faculty member’s unit will receive funds to cover costs associated with workload reallocation; a letter of support from your administrator is required.