DI Student Fellows Program

The Design Innovation (DI) Fellows Program supports students by enabling them to engage with, and become ambassadors for, cross-disciplinary challenge-based innovation. The DI Fellows Program builds a complex system of student-to-student learning opportunities that empowers students to become leaders of meaningful, positive change.

Become A DI Fellow

The DI Fellows Program accepts applicants from any major and any Kent State University campus. DI Fellows candidates are selected annually based on their demonstrated willingness to engage with, and advocate for, design innovation at Kent State. Once they have completed the first level of the program, these candidates are recognized as official “Design Innovation Fellows” - a title, benefit, and responsibility that they retain for the duration of their time at the university.

As part of this program, Design Innovation Fellows embark on a “quest” that empowers them to participate in and lead extracurricular, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative design innovation projects and experiences. DI Fellows also serve in mentorship and leadership roles as part of the shared leadership model for the DI Fellows Program and the DI Initiative at Kent State University. 

The DI Fellows quest consists of 4 levels of achievement: