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Faculty & Staff

The School of Digital Sciences has a unique structure, bringing together faculty and administrators from around the university to provide a broad education in the digital sciences.

Seven people comprise the school's director and staff.  

The school's Interim Director is Jeffrey Fruit, former Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The School's founding Director, Robert A. Walker, continues to assist with administrative tasks. 

Interim Director Jeffrey Fruit manages curriculum development, finances, and operations.  Sandra (Sandy) Taylor, Business Manager, assists with business processes, staffing, and data analysis.  Deanna Burritt-Peffer, Senior Secretary, assists with class scheduling and academic support.

Kay Levandowski Seibert, Assistant Director, Advising & Student Services, assists Interim Director Fruit with student services and advising.  Amy Copus, Academic Advisor II, advises mostly graduate students.  Jennifer Moore, Academic Advisor II, primarily advises undergraduate students.

As an interdisciplinary school, the School of Digital Sciences draws full-time faculty from departments and schools across the university.  Complementing the full-time faculty, the School of Digital Sciences also hires some local professionals with specialized expertise as part-time faculty to teach some courses.

The school is guided by two committees comprised of faculty and administrators from departments and schools across the university: