Minor: Web Design & Development

The Web Design & Development minor allows students to develop the fundamental skills needed to pursue jobs in web development, web programming, web design and related fields. Students learn technical applications and skills in problem solving, design, user experience, creative applications, and programming. Students have the opportunity to use new and emerging technologies to design engaging multimedia experiences, improve existing systems, and study digital social structures. They will also gain experience working in diverse teams and communicating goals, needs, and processes to peers, clients, and consumers. 

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Web developers are software engineers who understand not only the full technological "stack" that powers modern websites, but who are also conversant in and able to make connections between the design, content and business aspects of web development. Web developers work with content providers, visual designers, and user experience designers. They are coders who use languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, MySQL, PHP as well as frameworks used in web development such as Ruby or React. Web developers are also familiar with Content Management Systems, used to ensure that content and services can be delivered to end users.