CCI Advising & Graduation

Academic advising is one of the most important services you will receive at Kent State University.

The College of Communication and Information (CCI) academic advisors are here to assist students with developing and achieving educational goals and aligning them with their professional goals.

CCI Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advisors (101 Taylor Hall, 330-672-2131)

To ensure smooth, goal-oriented academic experiences, each CCI undergraduate student is required to complete a 30-minute advising appointment at least once per semester.  Use the button below to schedule an appointment.

Schedule a CCI Advising Appointment

If you have a quick question (such as a problem registering for a CCI class) after completing your advising appointment for the semester, you can call the advising number (above) or select your advisor’s name below to see their contact information.

Drop-in Advising Hours

Drop-in advisors are available in 101 Taylor Hall, Monday through Friday, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Drop-in advising hours are great for:

  • schedule changes
  • adding a minor
  • reviewing deadlines
  • applying for graduation
  • internship requirements
  • campus involvement
  • any topic that can be discussed in 5-10 minutes

Keep in mind that if you arrive at the end of this time and cannot be seen before 11:00 a.m., you may be asked to come back another day. If this timeframe does not work for your schedule, please schedule an advising appointment. Because students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis, your wait time may vary. If your question takes longer than 10 minutes to address, you may be asked to schedule an advising appointment for another day. Drop-in advising does not replace your required advising appointment.

Graduate/Doctoral Advising

If you're a graduate/doctoral student within the College of Communication and Information, you can contact your assigned faculty advisor for advising and assistance with your degree program.  

If you're not sure who your faculty advisor is, you can reach out to one of the following graduate coordinators, depending on your degree program:

Graduate (Masters) Students

Doctoral (Ph.D. Students)