New ways of communicating —social media, podcasting, viral videos and digital design — have shaped the messages we’ve consumed over the past 10 years.

When the last decade began, these Kent State alumni were students like you. Now, they’re thriving in innovative jobs across media, design, communication and technology.

Kent State’s College of Communication and Information (CCI) can help you on each step of your own journey. As you develop skills in the classroom, we’ll connect you to the change you want to make in the world. You might use storytelling or design skills to promote solutions for a clean environment. Or maybe you’ll use documentary video and podcasts to entertain in sports, inform in news or advocate for a cause.

  • Global Social Media Strategist

    Global Social Media Strategist

    From creating content and going on photoshoots, to working with influencers, no two days are the same for alumna Brittany Neish. Read about her job at Fortune Brands’ Global Plumbing Group (GPG), which includes Moen, the number one faucet brand in North America. 

  • Digital Director, Public Citizen

    Digital Director, Public Citizen

    Since graduating, JaRel Clay has traveled the U.S. while working for one of the country’s largest public relations firms; created a digital media platform for a national security think tank; and managed coalitions for a progressive nonprofit focused on making the world a better place. Read more about his career in Washington, D.C.

  • Senior Producer, Brand and Marketing, WKYC Cleveland

    Senior Producer, Brand and Marketing, WKYC Cleveland

    Alumnus David Hrvatin is part of the vast network of professionals that works behind the scenes to make a television newscast come alive and deliver information to communities.

  • Senior Producer, NPR

    Senior Producer, NPR

    Jinae West got her start in journalism as an intern at the Washington Post — always searching for big and bold opportunities. Now, 10 years after graduation, she's working as a senior producer for an NPR radio show and podcast. Read more about her career in audio storytelling, an up-and-coming field.

  • Award-Winning Film Director

    Award-Winning Film Director

    Less than 10 years ago, Tyler Pina was working on films at Kent State. Today, he’s an award-winning director in Los Angeles. He recently traveled the world with his short film “88 Cents”: screening it at more than 70 international film festivals and winning 67 awards.

  • Designer, New York City

    Designer, New York City

    New York City-based designer Emily Prusak always had an interest in pursuing a career that channeled her creative side. Both Kent State and graphic design felt like a perfect fit to her.

We are the the only college in the nation that offers degree programs from these distinct but interrelated fields of study: media, design, communication, information and digital technologies.
  • Diversity & Inclusion, Major League Baseball

    Diversity & Inclusion, Major League Baseball

    For Phylicia McCorkle, baseball means giving back to the community and making an impact. As the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for Major League Baseball at the Office of the Commissioner, she works with all 30 clubs as well as with MLB Network and MLB Advanced Media to put together strategies and diversity recruiting efforts.

  • Photographer, New York City

    Photographer, New York City

    After graduating from Kent State with her photojournalism degree, Brooke DiDonato packed her bags and moved to New York City — her “midwestern dream” — and has been growing her career as a freelance and gig-based photographer there ever since.

  • Developer, Hyland Software

    Developer, Hyland Software

    Nic Linscott began his career at Hyland Software as an intern in 2014. After multiple internships and experiences, he now works for the company as a Developer. Every day as he works in teams, he uses skills he learned as a Digital Sciences major at Kent State.

  • Manager of New Media, Washington Nationals

    Manager of New Media, Washington Nationals

    As the Washington Nationals marched their way toward a World Series victory in 2019, Kent State alumnus Dan Armelli was the face behind the team’s social media presence. Read about his job as Manager of New Media with the MLB franchise. 

  • Creative Director, Grad Student

    Creative Director, Grad Student

    Kent State alumnus Joseph Young believes that designers have an important role in creating positive change in communities. His drive to create positive change led him to further his education and pursue a Master of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design (VCD).With a master’s degree, Joseph hopes to gain an understanding of project management.

  • Communications Specialist, Cuyahoga County

    Communications Specialist, Cuyahoga County

    As a communications professional for Cuyahoga County, Miranda Kortan is always prepared for the unexpected. A typical day in her role includes proactively developing stories about county projects and initiatives for external audiences, including media and residents. But she’s always ready to rise to the challenge, should a crisis occur.

  • Senior Creative, RYOT Studios (NYC)

    Senior Creative, RYOT Studios (NYC)

    Isaac Versaw launched his career in advertising and visual communication design in New York City. At his job at RYOT, an immersive film studio that started by making social impact documentaries, his work is focused on advocacy and action.

  • IT Security Analyst, Sherwin Williams

    IT Security Analyst, Sherwin Williams

    Rebecca Parks continues to build her career at Sherwin-Williams, where she works as an IT Security Analyst. She was first connected to the company through an internship, fellow alumni and a Kent State job fair. Now, her day-to-day involves granting access, restricting access and web security. She’s learned a lot about her strengths and the digital sciences field.

  • Marketing Consultant, ESPN Cleveland

    Marketing Consultant, ESPN Cleveland

    Corey Scott always had an interest in sports communications and marketing. But he knew he’d have to develop a wide range of skills to get him to where he wanted to be. Read about his journey to working for ESPN Cleveland.

  • Digital/Social Producer, Ty Bentli Show

    Digital/Social Producer, Ty Bentli Show

    Bryan Webb’s job as a digital producer and social media manager for the Ty Bentli Show begins each day before the sun comes up. He brings the show to listeners via social media and has the opportunity to work and broadcast from events like the CMA Awards in Nashville and the ACM Awards in Las Vegas.

* Common career paths for College of Communication and Information undergraduates with a projection of 10% growth or more over the next 10 years include: Market research analyst and marketing specialist (23%), interpreters and translators (18%), film and video editors (17%), web developers (15%), producers and directors (12%), software developers (11%), technical writers (11%), public relations and fundraising managers (10%)

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