The College of Communication and Information offers a wide selection of undergraduate majors within 4 different schools.  

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Communication Majors by Topic

Communication Majors (School of Communication Studies)

Communication Studies B.A. in Applied Communication

Applied Communication is a unique strategic communication concentration in which students take courses not only in Communication Studies but in Journalism and Mass Communication and in Visual Communication Design

Applied Communication Courses & Requirements 

Communication Studies B.A. in Global Communication 

Global Communication has changed life on social, cultural and political levels. Communication technologies are changing how people learn, create and process information. By emphasizing an ethical, mindful, and sustainable global outlook, the concentration in global communication prepares students to help redefine the way the world communicates.

Global Communication Courses & Requirements 

Communication Studies B.A in Media and Society

Communication in media and society is an essential part of everyday life and interaction.  Students learn to create and carry out strategic messaging, enhance their media literacy skills, and participate meaningfully in civic society and a range of careers.

Media and Society Communication Courses & Requirements 

Communication Studies B.A. in Relational and Workplace Communication

The Relational and Workplace Communication concentration teaches students how to understand, evaluate and create messages to organize and relate in professional, social and personal contexts. Additionally, students acquire skills to promote diversity, leadership, ethics, perspective-taking, social-support, teamwork, and conflict management, developing comprehensive communication skills deemed essential by top employers in today's competitive marketplace.

Relational and Workplace Communication Courses & Requirements 

Communication Studies B.A., General Concentration

The Communication Studies General concentration features flexibility and choice. Students create a personalized plan of study tailored to their specific academic interests and career goals. This concentration is appropriate for those who have diverse academic interests and provides graduates the flexibility to be successful communicators in any organization.

General Concentration Communication Courses & Requirements 


These majors are offered by the School of Communication Studies (COMM).

Technology Majors (School of Digital Sciences)

Digital Sciences (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Sciences is designed to provide students with the ability to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.

Digital Sciences (B.A.) Courses & Requirements 

Digital Sciences (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Sciences is designed to provide students with the ability to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing digital world, with optional concentrations in Digital Systems Analysis, Digital Systems Interaction, Digital Systems Management, Digital Systems Software Development, Digital Systems Telecommunications Networks and Enterprise Architecture.

Digital Sciences (B.S.) Requirements & Courses 

These majors are offered by the School of Digital Sciences (DS).

Media Majors (School of Journalism & Mass Communication)


The Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising is the study of the entire spectrum of the advertising business and the social responsibilities of a persuasive media.
Advertising Courses & Requirements

Digital Media Production (Television or Digital Film)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media Production allows students to gain first-hand experience in all aspects of single camera and live multi-camera production, including shooting, audio recording, editing, writing, directing and producing digital films and live television.
Digital Media Production Courses & Requirements


The Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism is a broad and flexible degree program that offers specialty areas in broadcast news, magazine media, multimedia news and photojournalism, as well as the opportunity to combine elements of each specialty. 
Journalism Courses & Requirements

Public Relations

The Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations gives students the opportunity to study the strategic management of communication and the relationships between organizations and their key constituents. 
Public Relations Courses & Requirements

These majors are offered by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC).

Design Majors (School of Visual Communication Design)

visual communication design (B.A.) 

The Bachelor of Arts degree in visual communication design major is the preparation of students for the graphic design and illustration professions.

Visual Communication Design (B.A.) Courses & Requirements

visual communication design (B.F.A.) 

The School of Visual Communication Design's B.F.A. degree program consists of approximately two-thirds of the coursework in the "creation and study of the visual arts," with the remainder in general studies.

Visual Communication Design (B.F.A) Courses & Requirements 

photography (B.F.A.)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography provides the student with a comprehensive program of study, balancing a liberal arts education with studio offerings in digital photography. 

Photography (B.F.A) Courses & Requirements 

These majors are offered by the School of Visual Communication Design.