CCI Technology Help | Kent State University

CCI’s dedicated technology support staff throughout our college and schools help work with Kent State Information Services to keep our devices, networks and software running smoothly.

Here are some of our most requested technology support resources for students, faculty and staff:

Technology Support Requests

Submit a ticket for one of the following issues and someone will reach out to you to provide help.

If you have additional questions, or if your issue isn’t listed here, you can visit Information Services to search for help or request additional services.  

Visit Information Services 

Software Downloads & Discounts

Software discounts are available to Kent State students, faculty and staff on many popular applications, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, SPSS and SAS.  

Additionally, Kent State has a few free applications that will help you connect to the Kent State virtual private network (VPN) and take online exams (Lockdown Browser).

Download or Purchase Software (Login Required)

Technology Purchases for Students

As of Spring 2018, two of the schools within CCI have required technology purchase requirements.

Students from schools not listed here should check with their academic departments to verify recommended computer requirements.  Additionally, you can read more information about the type of computer you should bring to campus.

All students, faculty and staff can take advantage of Kent State’s Flash Technology Center to receive discounted pricing on Apple devices.

Visit the Flash Technology Center 

Technology Labs and Facilities

In addition to the many technology labs around campus, you can see a list of the facilities available to CCI students.

See CCI Technology & Facilities