CCI Graduate Student Assistantships, Awards and Fellowships

Each year, the College of Communication and Information commits approximately $800,000 in financial support for new and continuing graduate students.

In CCI, all applicants are considered for funding options when they apply. Not all students receive funding. Each school determines funding through a competitive application review process. For returning students, contact your school’s graduate program coordinator.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships (GA) provide students with training and valuable professional experience and contribute to students' intellectual growth and degree goals. Assistantship compensation includes a stipend and a tuition waiver. The stipend amount and the nature of the work will vary by program and school. Additionally, CCI pays a portion of graduate student health insurance assistance ($1,300) for students who hold a GA.

Depending on your graduate program of interest, you can find more information about the graduate assistantship process:

Graduate Tuition Waivers

CCI’s programs also offer a tuition waiver for select students. This tuition waiver covers tuition (sometimes called the instructional and general fees) for full-time students, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours. A tuition waiver does not cover all university fees (check the Kent State Fee Register for a list of all fees and their costs).

Fellowships and Scholarships

A Fellowship is an arrangement in which financial support is given to a graduate student to pursue his or her degree without any obligation on the part of the student to engage in work or other service. A scholarship recognizes past achievements and meritorious performance.

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