Digital Communications Associate, ACLU

Adam Schroeder | Communication Studies | Class of 2020

“A communication degree is a perfect fit for someone looking to advocate for issues they are passionate about as a career.”

A career in advocacy had always been a dream of Kent State Alumnus Adam Schroeder, from a young age. Now, Adam is living that dream as a Digital Communications Associate at the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana.

Growing up, Adam had always been interested in current events and passionate about civic engagement. He kept up with the news and would watch his parents vote on different issues. As he aged and developed his own worldview and political ideology, he knew that he had to pursue a career in advocacy.

“Given the countless issues and injustices that need attention, I couldn’t stand on the sidelines and watch it all happen,” Adam says.

Communication Studies Major

Before Adam’s professional career, he gained real world experiences through helping with various political campaigns at the local, state, and federal level. He served as president for Kent State Students for Bernie during the 2020 Democratic Party primary and helped with anything from community organizing and voter outreach to social media management and graphic design.

Adam also interned at the U.S. Census Bureau, the International Institute of Akron and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. These experiences gave him “real-world experience that allowed me to translate what I learned at KSU into substantive work.”

In his current position at the ACLU of Indiana, Adam designs and creates engaging content across the organization’s various social media platforms, email  and website channels. The goal of the content is to educate supporters about civil rights and civil liberties in a way that drives them to take community action.

Adam found that his degree in communications studies helped pave the way for success in his current role.

“My communication studies coursework taught me the skills I need to strategically advocate for the myriad of issues I’m passionate about in a persuasive and compelling way,” he says. “A communication degree is a perfect fit for someone looking to advocate for issues they are passionate about as a career.”


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