Chase Wilcox, '21

Chase Wilcox | Advertising | Class of 2021

From a DM to an Arctic Voyage: Advertising Graduate Shares Journey as a Content Strategist

Kent State alumnus Chase Wilcox, ‘21, began his career through a direct message on social media to his now-employer, DNC Media, while he was still a student.

An advertising major, Wilcox completed his degree during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Kent State and other universities across the world ceased the majority of in-person activities and moved to online instruction. Attempting to make the best of an unusual situation, Wilcox decided to take all online courses and moved to Florida, where he began successfully doing social media content for smaller brands on TikTok.

Once he grew his TikTok account to more than 100,000 followers, Wilcox began direct messaging companies, like DNC Media, for opportunities to develop his skills further.

DNC Media is a boutique agency located in Florida that specializes in growing businesses through growth consultation, video creation and monthly content campaigns.  

“I actually DM’d the CEO of DNC Media a couple of messages, kind of saying, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m down to figure it out and go all in,' and then I was like, ‘Hey here’s a little social proof,'" Wilcox recalled. "And (the CEO) said, ‘Okay, come in next week.’” 

Wilcox then interned at DNC Media while finishing his degree and began a full-time position after graduating. He’s now a Marketing Strategist.

His day-to-day work life focuses on three main things: brand strategy, video production and paid advertising. He helps develop client branding, brand objectives, content strategies and budgets for paid advertising, amongst other things.

Most of the agency’s clients are in the travel and tourism industry, like Cultured Vine, a luxury concierge service in the Napa Valley region, and Atlas Ocean Voyages, an intimate yacht-style cruise line.

For Atlas Ocean Voyages, Wilcox recently got the opportunity to join one of Antarctica expeditions to shoot content.

While on the assignment, Wilcox got to stay on the cruise ship and experience everything the trip had to offer, from expeditions with penguins and polar plunges, to interviewing the ship's employees; he got to shoot it all.  

“My favorite part was the penguins, honestly,” said Wilcox, “you’d be two feet away from a whole penguin colony, and they’d just walk right up to you.” 

Wilcox’s connections with his fellow employees and the company motivate him to stay and help grow the agency.  

“We’re a small company that’s growing. We’ve got a lot of ideas that we’re trying to do, so I really want to stay and see where we go in the future,” he said.

Wilcox's biggest advice to undergraduate students or young professionals is to "shoot your shot," whether that means to companies or professors who might have unexpected connections and advice.

“You can either not do it, and nothing happens, or just do it, and something might. It’s really just finding what you’re actually passionate about and going for it,” Wilcox said.

Five Questions with Chase Wilcox, '21

Favorite class:

Digital Advertising or anything related to advertising

Favorite professor:

Evan Bailey

Favorite place to get food in Kent:

Ray’s Place

Favorite thing you did at Kent:

KSU Independent Films

One piece of advice for students:

Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone