Crystal Smith, '18

Crystal Smith | Class of 2018 | Journalism

As a Producer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kent State alumna Crystal Smith, ’18, never imagined the career path she is currently on and the opportunities it would lead to. But through networking and stepping out of her comfort zone, she says she’s discovered new passions and interests.  

After graduating with a major in journalism and a minor in public health, Smith expected to be working in health communication. Working in the sports industry was never on her radar. During her time at Kent State, she worked for Student Media, specifically as a TV2 correspondent.  

After graduation, she worked for Babcox Media first as an associate editor and then, a multimedia producer. While working in this role, she engaged in a networking opportunity that led her to become a freelance video editor for a popular YouTube content creator from Kent State. This sparked a new passion and interest in freelance video editing and producing, leading her to work for different clients. 

“Did I think I was going to work for a YouTuber? No, but I had the skill set to do that, so I figured why not try it and it’s worked out,” Smith said.  

While freelancing, she became connected to her current role as Producer for the Cleveland Cavaliers. During the season, she produces all sorts of video content that highlights or recaps the games. She also creates scoreboard videos that help fans have a better experience. In the off-season, she participates in media days and community events involving the team.  

During her time at Kent State, Smith learned plenty of skills she uses in her work today. From video production to other technical skills, she was able to learn and practice both inside and outside of the classroom.  

Smith says that networking, trying new things, and staying busy have led her to a career path she is passionate about.  

“You just have to find your thing, and somehow I’m finding it and I’ve been really enjoying it,” she said.  

For current Kent State students, she shares this advice: Stepping out of your comfort zone and asking for help when you need it as a young professional is especially important.  

“Now is the time to make mistakes,” Smith said. “I thought that when I was graduating at 21 years old that I had to have everything figured out right then, but there is so much out there in this world, and I just want everyone to experience all of it.”