Why Emerging Media and Technology?

Emerging media and technologies have changed the way we learn, express ourselves and consume information. In the School of Emerging Media and Technology at Kent State, discover how things like web/app development and augmented reality fit into our everyday lives and work environments, with space to play, imagine and solve problems. 

Emerging Career Paths

Careers in emerging media — web programming, data, creative coding, human-computer interaction, design and project management — are part of a rapidly growing job market. The School of Emerging Media and Technology at Kent State focuses on the study, invention and creative use of technology in relation to how we interact with the world. 

With an innovative course core that combines skills-based training and problem solving, students will be prepared for some of the most desirable jobs in a range of professions, both those that exist now and those that will emerge in the future as technology and media continue to evolve. 

Projected Growth for Emerging Media and Technology Careers, 2018-2028:

  • Software, application developers: 21% 
  • Web developers: 13% 
  • Camera operators and video editors: 11%
  • Computer and Information Systems managers: 11%
  • Database administrators: 9%
  • Broadcast and sound engineering technician: 8%
  • Producers and directors: 5%
  • Multimedia artists and animation: 4%