A Note from the Director

Ellen Glickman

Dear friends:

When I began my academic career, my mentor asked me my “goals” for the upcoming academic year, and then queried at the end of the year, “what did I accomplish." As we turn the page on another academic year, we all reflect on the past academic year and review our accomplishments, reflect and celebrate the opportunities/accomplishments as we move forward. Did we accomplish our goals and if not, why? What were our obstacles and challenges and how can we develop and re-focus our goals moving forward?

It is important to reflect on the past academic year and the incredible accomplishments worth celebrating and those of our colleagues. We also must pause to regain a sense of balance in our lives and enjoy time for friends and family.  We must show one another grace, connect with one another, in a positive caring respectful manner to help us re-focus.

Learning is an ongoing process. As we grow and develop, we strive to improve and reflect every day on how our actions may impact others. Transformative, transparent leadership, mentorship, is important to develop meaningful relationships. Creating a nurturing community of colleagues is an accomplishment worth celebrating in this diverse academic environment.

Success is measured in many ways.  We can measure it by the growth and development of the community of learners we have engaged and have served. This time of year, we can reflect on the difference that we have made throughout the year.  Respecting one another, with grace and compassion to reflect, celebrate and look forward to the next academic year full of promise with new goals.

In health,

Ellen Glickman, Ph.D., FACSM
Director & Professor
School of Health Sciences