Communication Enhancement Lab

The Communication Enhancement Lab houses research conducted by Dr. Sloane Burgess and Dr. Lisa Audet. The lab is constructed to support clinical research and data analysis.

Research projects include exploration of early child expressive language developing in young children with autism spectrum disorders, examination of environmental communication variables across home and school contexts, quality of life and stress management for those on the autism spectrum and their caregivers, and transition to adulthood as well as college preparation, success and employability for those with developmental disabilities. The lab contains state of art language sampling and analysis technology including SALT and LENA along with best practice assessment of those on the autism spectrum. Student engagement at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels is highly supported in the Communication Enhancement Lab providing students with an increased understanding of complex communication needs, autism spectrum disorders, innovative practice, clinical experiences, and foundational research skills.

Contact Information

Dr. Lisa Audet

Dr. Sloane Burgess