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Speech Language Physiology Lab

The speech-language physiology laboratory at Kent State University is directed by Dr. Hayley Arnold. The goal of the research in the lab is to better understand what factors affect the onset, maintenance, and aggravation of stuttering that begins in childhood. Current thinking in our field is that there are many factors that impact stuttering. We are interested in three of those suspected factors, speech-language planning, speech motor production, and emotions. In particular, we want to know how these factors interact with each other to impact stuttering. 

Autonomic Activation and Inhibitory Control in Preschool-Aged Children Who Stutter

We are conducting a study to learn more about the emotional reactions and regulation strategies of children who stutter (display disfluent speech; repeat sounds or syllables). We will enroll eligible children who are 3-, 4-, and 5-years old. We hope that this study will help us better understand stuttering in children. This is necessary to develop improved methods for evaluation and treatment of stuttering. The study is titled “Autonomic activation and inhibitory control in preschool-aged children who stutter” and has been approved by the Kent State University Institutional Review Board, 330-672-2704. 

The testing sessions will include a free, brief assessment of the child’s speech, language, and hearing. The child will then complete various speech and non-speech tasks (such as telling about pictures on a screen or waiting a short period of time before opening a toy). During one of these tasks, measurements will be made using sensors on the palm and finger. Participation requires two sessions, which are each two hours long at Kent State University. Families will receive a brief summary of the speech and language test results, and will be paid a $20.00 gift card per session to help cover time and transportation costs.

To be eligible for participation, children must be 3, 4, or 5 years of age, native speakers of English, have hearing ability within the normal range, no cognitive or neurological difficulties, and display stuttered speech.

If you know a child who might qualify for this study, interested parents can contact us at the Speech-Language Physiology Lab at 330-672-0262 or by e-mail at stutteringlab@kent.edu.