Speech Language Physiology Lab

Contact us at the Speech-Language Physiology Lab at 330-672-0262 or by e-mail at stutteringlab@kent.edu about research participation opportunities.

The speech-language physiology laboratory at Kent State University is directed by Dr. Hayley Arnold. The goal of the research in the lab is to better understand what factors affect the onset, maintenance, and aggravation of stuttering that begins in childhood. Current thinking in our field is that there are many factors that impact stuttering. We are interested in three of those suspected factors, speech-language planning, speech motor production, and emotions. In particular, we want to know how these factors interact with each other to impact stuttering.

Effect of Exercise on speech fluency in children who stutter

We are conducting a study to explore how exercise affects the speech of children who stutter (display disfluent speech; repeat sounds or syllables) and of children who do not stutter. Our goal for this study is to better understand stuttering and possibly learn improved methods to help those who stutter. This study is titled “Effect of exercise on speech fluency in children who stutter” and has been approved by the Kent State University Institutional Review Board, 330-672-2704.

This is a three-part study with the first session lasting approximately 90 minutes and the second and third sessions lasting approximately 120 minutes each. The visits for this study will take place in the Center for Performing Arts at Kent State. During the first session, the child’s height and weight will be measured and he/she will receive a free screening of his/her speech, language, and hearing. The second or third visit will include a brief period of exercise on a stationary bike before the child is asked to give a short speech. The other experimental visit will include a period where the child is watching TV before he/she is asked to give a short speech. In both of these visits, the child will wear bands on his/her chest and wrist, both of which will monitor their heart rate. The child will also wear sensors on his/her fingers to measure other kinds of activity. The family will receive a brief summary of the results of their child’s speech, language, and hearing screening and a $20.00 gift card per visit.

To be eligible for participation, the child must be in the age range of 8 to 12 years old, primarily speak English, have normal hearing, and no cognitive or neurological difficulties. In addition, children should have no diagnosed speech-language disorders other than stuttering.

If you have any questions or know a child who would qualify for this study, please contact the Speech-Language Physiology Lab using this web form, by calling 330-672-0262, or by e-mail at stutteringlab@kent.edu.