The Speech and Hearing Clinic is housed in the Speech Pathology and Audiology department and includes:

  • five audiological test suites
  • three audiological research suites
  • eight therapy rooms with a digital video/sound system for supervision in addition to the one-way mirrors
  • two classrooms
  • faculty offices
  • numerous research laboratories (see below)
  • two student rooms
  • a clinic reception area

The clinic houses the world's largest collection of hearing aids, the Kenneth W. Berger Hearing Aid Collection and Archives. The school also houses the English Language Proficiency Clinic, a facility in which foreign speakers work on intelligibility skills. The master's level student room contains computers and digital video recording equipment for student use. The Speech and Hearing Clinic has a substantial inventory of commercially available test and treatment materials.  Both wired and wireless connectivity to the Internet is available. 

Speech Pathology and Audiology received the 1984 Program Excellence Award, 1987-1989 and 1989-1991 Research Challenge Awards, and the 1989-1992 Academic Challenge Award from the Ohio Board of Regents.

The diverse numbers of individuals served within the speech-language pathology and audiology clinics at Kent State University and at more than 100 affiliated clinics, hospitals, and schools in the area create a large pool of potential participants for research relating to communication disorders.

Specific research facilities include:

  • fully-equipped language development
  • infant development
  • speech perception and production
  • palatometry
  • neurophysiology
  • pediatric audiology
  • voice science
  • auditory physiology
  • hearing aids/amplification
  • psychoacoustic laboratories
  • swallowing
  • telehealth in both speech and audiology

Additional research facilities are available at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, located approximately 15 minutes from the Kent Campus. Affiliates with area hospitals make available additional equipment for research purposes.