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SLP Specialty Clinics

English Language Proficiency Clinic

The ELPC is a specialized speech and language clinic associated with the main Kent State University Speech and Hearing Clinic. Clients are seen individually by M.A. level students from our graduate program in Speech Pathology



The Speech Pathology and Audiology Department hosts a research project studying the efficacy of using a "telepractice" or telehealth service delivery model to provide speech and language therapy services to students in rural Ohio school districts.



Kent State University’s Speech and Hearing Clinic launches a new group therapy and now offers 3 different Social Skills groups during the Spring 2019 semester.


AAC & Social Skills Group

This is an 8-week program for kids ages 10-15 who use AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication.) Each 45-minute session is focused on providing opportunities with peers to use routine language, engage in social activities like games, and develop language for age-appropriate interests and topics. Click the link above (header title) and/or call (330) 672-2141 for more information and to Sign Up


Starting February 25th – AAC+ Social Skills group, 8-week program.

This is a small group (maximum of 3 participants) that was started in Fall 2018 in response to a parent request. We established this group with the express purpose of bringing AAC users together, creating more opportunities for them to use their devices to refuse, choose, greet, comment, and PLAY. Each therapy session involves some structured “table tasks,” but we also take time to bowl, play giant Jenga, and talk about our favorite things. Initial sessions include parents in the room to speed the graduate clinicians’ understanding of how each participant uses his or her device and to observe the best ways to support independent device use. After 2-3 sessions, parents are invited to our observation or waiting room (as they choose) to encourage participant interaction with each other.


Boundaries Social Skills Group

Do you have a child between the ages of 10 and 15 yrs? Do they understand the difference between a friend and a classmate? If not, the Boundaries Social Skills Group could be just what you need! The group is focused on teaching:

  • Appropriate social interactions for the various levels of relationships (family, friends, acquaintances, etc.)
  • How to identify the characteristics of each relationship level
  • Types of behavior appropriate for that relationship level (hugs, handshakes, waves, etc.)

This is program is a collaboration between the Autism Society of Greater Akron and Kent State University. Click the link above (header title) or call (330) 672-2141 for more information. 

Starting February 28th – Boundaries Social Skills, 7-week program


This group has a maximum of 5 participants. This program is based on and uses the Circles Curriculum from James Stanfield. Each week participants learn about a different “circle” or “color” and the people that best fit in that circle that is a distance from “me.” Each “circle” has a level of talk, touch, and trust associated with it to help participants understand the types of interactions with people in each color group. Week one introduces the Purple Private Circle. During that first week we also discuss positive self-talk and safety, both topics that are reviewed and expanded upon throughout the program. Parents receive a handout each week with a review of the previous week’s content, information on the newest “circle” and encouragement to discuss further using examples of people the participant knows. The program culminates in a review of all circles and a pizza party with families during the final week. We have gotten very positive feedback from parents on this group and Spring 2019 will be our fifth semester hosting Boundaries at KSU.


Teen Talk

Starting March 4th – we will be starting a new 8-week program called Teen Talk, adapted with permission from the PEERS Program© Each week that the group meets, a different core topic from the PEERS program will be presented and discussed by participants, topics like “Trading Information,” “Two-way conversations” and “How to use Humor.” This is the first semester we will be hosting this group which has a maximum size of 5 participants. Enroll now as space is limited. Click the link above (header title) and/or call (330) 672-2141 for more information and to Sign Up