Ph.D. Alumni

The following list is alphabetical by the names used at the time of graduation. Subsequent names are then listed after the first name. An asterisk next to a name means that an e-mail address is on file for that individual. If you would like to contact an individual, send an e-mail message to the school ( and we will forward it on. Please send any updates or additions to the same e-mail address. (updated 9/03)

  • Applegate, John* (84, slp): Director, Communication Disorders at Truman State University
  • Craig, Richard (aud): private practice
  • Crum, Chloe Glasson* (83, slp): Metrohealth Medical Center
  • Domoracki, David* (87, aud): Cleveland VA Medical Center
  • Goldstein, Beverly* (82, aud): self-employed audiologist at Dr. Goldstein's Western Reserve Audiology. Married with 3 children
  • Hartley, Harold* (72, aud): retired. Professor emeritus at Clarion University
  • Max, Ludo* (slp): Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut
  • Shuey, Elaine (Munn)* (90, slp): Professor at East Stroudsburg University. Married in June, 02, has 3 dogs and a guinea pig (loves her job)