Ph.D. Alumni | Speech Pathology and Audiology | Kent State University

Ph.D. Alumni

The following list is alphabetical by the names used at the time of graduation. Subsequent names are then listed after the first name. An asterisk next to a name means that an e-mail address is on file for that individual. If you would like to contact an individual, send an e-mail message to the school ( and we will forward it on. Please send any updates or additions to the same e-mail address. (updated 9/03)

  • Applegate, John* (84, slp): Director, Communication Disorders at Truman State University
  • Craig, Richard (aud): private practice
  • Crum, Chloe Glasson* (83, slp): Metrohealth Medical Center
  • Domoracki, David* (87, aud): Cleveland VA Medical Center
  • Goldstein, Beverly* (82, aud): self-employed audiologist at Dr. Goldstein's Western Reserve Audiology. Married with 3 children
  • Hartley, Harold* (72, aud): retired. Professor emeritus at Clarion University
  • Max, Ludo* (slp): Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut
  • Shuey, Elaine (Munn)* (90, slp): Professor at East Stroudsburg University. Married in June, 02, has 3 dogs and a guinea pig (loves her job)