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Jennifer Roche is an Assistant Professor in the Speech Pathology & Audiology Department at Kent State University. She completed a two-year postdoc at the University of Rochester with Jeremy Jamieson, and Michael Tanenhaus, in the Center for Language Sciences. She completed her PhD at the University of Memphis with Rick Dale in Cognitive Psychology, with a focus on dyadic communication. She also completed a M.A. at James Madison University in the Psychological Sciences program with Michael D. Hall, in which she focused primarily on the acoustic properties of emotional/affective speech during production and perception. Her B.A. was in general psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Jennifer Roche's research interest include communication in the context of social and action dynamics. She is specifically interested in cognitive mechanisms that drive communication (successful and unsuccessful). She views communication as being richly affected by linguistic, psycholinguistic and social properties that dynamically interact and influence adaptation to complex and novel conversational situations. Much of her research has focused on acoustic cues to emotional speech, perspective taking, and psycholinguistic cues to miscommunication. 

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Postdoc, University of Rochester;, PhD, University of Memphis;, M.A., James Madison University;, B.A., University of Nevada


Cognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics

Research Methods

Eye tracking, mouse tracking, and Corpus and Acoustic analysis, Human Subjects


  • Faculty Recognition Award; University Teaching Council (2016)