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Northeast Ohio AU.D. Consortium Student Outcome Data

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Speech-Language Pathology Master's Degree Program Student Outcome Data

Employment Rate

All students, who completed the clinical credentialling component of the program and reported their employment status to the program director, were employed in the profession. Those students, who are not employed in the profession, opted for a non-clinical master's degree. 

Academic Year Employment rate in Profession
  Number of Graduates Employed  Number of Graduates not Employed Total (%)
1 Year Prior ('18-'19) 32 0 100
2 Years Prior ('17-'18) 32 1 97
3 Years Prior ('16-'17) 35 2 95
Three-Year Average:     97
Praxis Pass Rate
Academic Year Praxis Examination Pass Rate Data (ETS Data)
  Number of test-takers reporting Number of test-takers passed Total (%)
Recent Year ('19-'20) 32 32 100
1 Year Prior ('18-'19) 31 31 100
2 Years Prior ('17-'18) 33 33 100
Three-Year Average:     100
Program Completion Rate

Program completion rates are below. Our typical expected time frame for completion is 6 semesters. Some students, who were chosen for a prestigious early intervention certificate in addition to their graduate clinical degree, added 3 semesters to their program for an on-time graduation. 

Academic Year Number completing on-time Number completing later than on-time Number not completing

Total (%)

Recent Year ('19-'20) 36 0 0 100
1 Year Prior ('18-'19) 32 1 1 94
2 Years Prior ('17-'18) 32 1 1 94
Three-Year Average:       96

Students, faculty, staff, and persons served in the program’s clinic are treated in a nondiscriminatory manner, that is, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, participation restriction, age, sexual orientation, or status as a parent. The institution and program comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and executive orders pertaining thereto.


In a continual effort to improve the quality of our programs, a strategic plan for near-term changes has been approved.