Kayla Ann Mullins
  CO-AMBASSADOR: Hi, I am Kayla Ann Mullins. I really enjoy the ASEI program here at KSU. I would describe the other students in my cohort as family and have had brilliant interactions with many of the faculty. I recognize that the program is not perfect, but I have found comfort, kindness, and knowledge within the ASEI program. I really do love this program from the classes to the faculty to the students.




Joseph Albanese
CO-AMBASSADOR: Hi, I am Joseph Albanese. As a KSU tour guide, I learned how to handle families to ensure the best KSU experience possible. I have immense knowledge of campus and an expanding understanding of the program. I love helping prospective students find the right college for them, and I would love to show them how Kent State University can be that college. The program is one of a kind. I have not met a faculty member who won't actively listen and help solve any issue. Whether it be an intrapersonal, interpersonal, or interdepartmental issue. This extends to the students, too; your cohort becomes a quasi-family.