There are two options for graduate level work for interested individuals: 1) the Non-degree pathway to licensure and the 2) master's degree in Special Education. 

The first option, the Non-degree pathway is for individuals who have a Bachelor's Degree in any field. The non-degree allows students to get the skills needed in order to apply for licensure, but no degree. If individuals want to interpret in Ohio K-12 schools, they must have this license. This plan of study will take roughly 3 years, based on how much American Sign Language they know when they apply. 

The second option, the Master's Degree, happens with the assistance of Special Education major at Kent State. If individuals are interested in getting a Master' Degree, they must also concurrently enroll in the Special Education- General Special Education Master's Degree. Students can use coursework from the non-degree pathway as their concentration within the master's degree in Special Education. Master's Degree students will have two advisors: Dr. Sloane Burgess (Special Education, and Dr. Jamie McCartney (ASL/English Interpreting, 

Student in graduation regalia