ASEI Mission Statement

Kent State University’s Mission Statement: We transform lives and communities through the power of discovery, learning, and creative expression in an inclusive environment.

ASL/English Interpreting Program’s Mission Statement: We transform students into professional interpreters who possess the expertise, professional discretion, and interpersonal intelligence that empowers them to adapt to diverse consumers, cultures, and settings.

Our mission is aligned with the mission of Kent State University.  From the first course in the program, students are confronted with diverse learning environments. They experience diversity in terms of the languages used, and the people and cultures within the classroom, and practical environments. Students are challenged to think critically as they develop second language proficiency, analyze linguistic differences and cultural uniqueness, and apply these investigations to professional practice. That process focuses on student discovery and allows them to challenge themselves to be wiser people, better citizens, and cognizant of differences and privileges.


2021 Grads