Faculty Advising

Faculty vs. Academic Advising

A Faculty Advisor is a professor from your field of study. Some benefits to working with your faculty advisor include recommendations on appropriate sequencing of courses in your class schedule; knowledge of typical course rotations; familiarity with type of work and workload of program courses; expertise in your field of study; ability to offer professional networking opportunities

A Professional Academic Advisor is a professional staff member who will help plan your college schedule, or may assist with course registration. Professional Academic Advisors help you plan your college schedule and choose a major; assist with course selection and registration; assist with academic planning related to student interest and abilities; convey and interpret university academic rules, regulations, academic prerequisites, programs, majors and courses of study; work with faculty to enhance the advisement process; refer students to appropriate resources.

Faculty advising: 


Academic Advising: Undergraduate students in Special Education are also required to meet with their academic advisor, Rachel Walter, in the Vacca Office of Student Services (VOSS) each semester.