The coursework leading to endorsements are available to post-baccalaureate students with existing teaching licenses who are seeking to add an additional area of competency in a separate content area from their teaching licensure. 

After completion of the specific coursework and a field-based practicum, students are eligible to apply for the Ohio Department of Education-issued endorsement.

Pre-K Special Needs Endorsement Preparation (Non-Degree)

Pre-K Special Needs Endorsement Preparation

Pre-K Special Needs Endorsement is designed for licensed teachers who wish to add an area or specialization in early childhood special education specific to inclusive preschool. If you add this endorsement, you can teach in an Ohio public preschool, which is a special education unit funded by the federal government. The Pre-K Special Needs Endorsement is based on the competencies identified by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). This endorsement provides teachers with the coursework and field experiences necessary to work effectively in inclusive and self-contained preschool environments with children who have identified disabilities or who may be at risk for disabilities. If they wish, students may obtain a master's degree in special education in conjunction with the endorsement requirements.

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Transition-to-Work Endorsement Preparation (Non-Degree)

Transition-to-Work Endorsement Preparation

Transition-to-Work Endorsement (TTW) is designed for teachers licensed as an intervention specialist by the ODE and vocational educators. The coursework prepares students to assists youth through their transition process from school settings into work settings. The roles of the individuals with the TTW endorsement may include Vocational Special Educator, Option IV Coordinator, and Work Study Coordinator.

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For those Seeking Financial Aid:

Please note, the Graduate non-degree licensure programs do not quality for graduate level federal financial aid. Non-degree licensure program students should refer to the post-undergraduate section of the Student Financial Aid web page for information on possible federal funding or reach out to the Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center.